Chloe Yacht


When celebrities is started being ambassadors for a brand officially as in advertisements, the brand value of the sunglasses increases gradually. When we watch the famous people using some of the brands of sunglasses, the usage of sunglasses naturally increases as it creates more trust, reliability and fashion value for the product. Celebrities like Micha Barton, Rachel Bilson and, Jessica Alba are using the chloe sunglasses. The brand is a French product, introduced in Paris in 1952 by Egyptian-born Gaby Aghion. This is one of the must buy accessory and it has reigned the world of fashion for over five decades. Chloe fans have several models as their favorite based on criteria like the availability of plethora of range of frame colors, lens color or size. This includes the chloe CL 2119Myrte sunglasses. The various shades available includes the tortoise color, ivory color etc. Chloe CL 2172 and chloe CL 2173 has emblems on temples and are manufactured from the Heloise lines. The model Chloe CL 2157 sunglasses is very simple. Yet it is bought by many as the users feel that it provides a fitting feeling. This is available in a wide range of colors. The proportion between the nosebridge, temples and ear piece has perfect synchronization. These glasses can be called a mixed blend of vintage sun glasses and modern designs. Thus it has both the advantages of the two models, combined together. This combination of modern as well as vintage glasses is rare. The chloe sun glasses have frames of the following colors – gray, old pink color, ivory, plum or marine color. The model Chloe CL 2101SCo3 is made of polycarbonate lens and hence scratch resistant and offers 100 percent protection from the harmful radiation of the ultra violet light. The glass has integrated flexible hinges with the logo engraved on the temples.


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